💖 Last Litter Program 💖

🐕 We are officially launching our last litter program to the public 🐈

Ellie’s Animal Rescue is committed to reducing the number of animals finding themselves in the pound by preventing unwanted litters.

🐶 What is a last litter program? 🐶

The last litter program is where an entire litter is surrendered to our rescue.
We cover the cost to desex the mum of the litter at one of our affiliated veterinary clinics.

🐶 What will it cost? 🐶

Taking advantage of the last litter program is absolutely free, including mums desexing.
However, a litter will cost you food, your time and your care.

🐶 Why join the program? 🐶

Most importantly, because you can help us reduce the future number of animals in the pound and stopping the cycles of unwanted litters.
However, it also helps reduce the risks of some cancers and the costs of raising a litter. 

🐶 Do I have options? 🐶

Although we review each case individually, there are possibilities of:

- Surrendering the litter at an appropriate age (8-10 weeks)

- Fostering the litter until they can be rehomed (this also requires a foster application)

- Surrendering mum (pregnant or after and with the litter)
- Additionally there may be availability for mum to come into foster care to have her babies and be returned to you after the litter has grown and mums been desexed. 

🐶 What do we do with the litter? 🐶

We understand that raising a litter is already tough enough!

We find them homes, provide worming, and cover the costs of vaccinations, microchipping and desexing at an appropriate age.

🌹 What types of animals do we offer this program for? 🌹

Currently only:

 🐱 Mum cats
🐶 Mum dogs 


We can't guarantee entry into this program.

Each case is determined on an individual basis.