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About Us

Ellie's Animal Rescue was formed in November 2018 to save large breed dogs from pounds around Australia, specializing in Rottweilers.

Why are we called Ellie's ANIMAL rescue?

Because we decided that while we will do anything to save this breed, we will not limit who we help based on breed or type.

How do we obtain our animals?

Our animals come in from surrenders and rescue transfers, but majorly they are rescued from pounds around Australia once their impound time is up.

This means they have been impounded for the period set by the Government, and once the impound time is complete without collection, they are the legal property of the pound and are released for adoption or to rescue, if they aren't euthanized.

When we are asked for help it is usually as a last resort or special case. We make a post asking for Foster Carers on our Facebook Page, generally made before the animals impound time is up, and before they've been released from the pound.

Unfortunately unless they are surrendered or rescue transfers, the only information we have on an animal is the same information available to individuals looking to adopt directly from the pound, and are subject to terms such as waiting out the impound time.

How long do our animals stay in care?

Every animal coming into our rescue has a 14 day minimum where they stay with a foster carer while they are in quarantine and having vet work done - this includes heart worm testing & treatments, FIV testing for cats, vaccinations, worming, flea & tick treatments, desexing and any other medical treatment required.

After the 14 day period, or until cleared by a vet (whichever is greater) the animals in our care are open to being adopted.

Interest in Fostering with Us?

We cover the cost of the vet work.

You provide the rest.

We save a life together ❤

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Ellie's Animal Rescue

EAR is a non profit volunteer based rescue working throughout QLD and NSW.

We specialize in Rottweilers, and other large breed dogs such as Mastiffs and Danes.

However, we do and will continue to take in other animals that need our help.

We are a foster based rescue, meaning we do not have a physical shelter, as we believe it's best for our animals to remain in, or get used to, an everyday home environment.

Help us, Help them

Sometimes the difference between life and death is YOU!

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A Furever Friend

Our animals mainly come from remote pounds where they have an unknown history and are facing euthanasia.

As such, our animals are in care for a minimum period where they receive veterinary care, training and the love from a foster family.

We offer full support to all our carers, adopters, and supporters.