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Adopted 2019



Arrival # 1

Adoption # 1

Adoption 2019 # 1

Arrived in December 2018

Adopted in February 2019

Blue arrived in care afraid of German Shepherds, and any other dog that resembled them. As a very young pup, he was attacked by one at a dog park, and since then he hadn't really been introduced to other dogs. When he left, he was best friends with a German Shepherd x and a long haired Border Collie.



Arrival # 12

Adoption # 2

Adoption 2019 # 2

Arrived in December 2018

Adopted in February 2019

Brax came into care absolutely terrified of us, the other dogs, being out in open spaces.

With lots of work he learnt crate training to help with his anxiety, that he was still safe being outside the crate, and he was able to socialize with the other rescue dogs.

We knew we had found the right family when their little girl walked over to pat him, and he laid down almost instantly for a belly rub.



Arrival # 24

Adoption # 3

Adoption 2019 # 3

Arrived in January 2019

Adopted in February 2019

Theo was quite timid and shy when he first arrrived, startling quite easily and reacting out of fear. With lots of work (and guidance from the resident doggie) he's really flourishing in his family's home.

There's some more to work to go, but with a training plan in place and good foundations learning about him while in care, he is going to really blossom.

-- First Foster Fail --



Arrival # 5

Adoption # 4

Adoption 2019 # 4

Arrived in December 2018

Adopted in March 2019

Joey came into care as a 1 year old with nothing done. He learnt basic commands like sit and drop, and how to socialise with other dogs.

He’s still a bit iffy with other boys and learning not to jump up, but his forever family absolutely adore him and are willing to continue his training 💖

He now has a best friend in the form of a Jack Russell and a huge yard to call his own!



Arrival # 15

Adoption # 5

Adoption 2019 # 5

Arrived in December 2018

Adopted in March 2019

Previously known as Missy, Roxy girl came from a breeding background and was left in the pound.

Our vets estimate her age to be 3 years but now she’s getting the chance to be a dog again you’d truly believe she’s a 6 month old puppy.

We think her face says it all!



Arrival # 3

Adoption # 6

Adoption 2019 # 6

Arrived in December 2018

Adopted in March 2019

 Marley was very skinny and so so so shy when he first came into care.

It’s been 3 loong months and a lot of work for our lovely foster carers but he’s finally come out of his shell.

Marley gets extremely introverted when he’s around other animals and lets them have all the light!
As great as this is, it’s really detrimental to him.
So he’s finally found a home all on his own and he absolutely is owning the roost and loving it 😂 



Arrival # 11

Adoption # 7

Adoption 2019 # 7

Arrived in December 2018

Adopted in April 2019

She was named Aleana upon her arrival to our foster carers home, which means Immigrant to a new home.

Now named Lena, her foster family have said they are so thrilled to have her and couldn’t imagine life without her anymore ❤️

-- Foster Fail --